Tricks to Maximize a Small House

  1. Utilize the area under the stairway

This overlooked part of the house has tons of pack-it-in potential. You can incorporated drawers for a family of four that wanted to maximize the often forgotten space.


  1. Hang your drapery as high as you can

Here’s a little secret: the easiest way to make a ceiling look higher is to place a drapery rod really close to the ceiling – roughly 2 inches below the crown molding will do the trick.


  1. Consider retro a.k.a smaller appliances

Generally speaking, vintage appliances have a smaller footprint than modern-day behemoths. They can also add decorative charm – and a welcome pop of color – in a small space.


  1. Invest in smart furniture

Invest in multipurpose furniture, e.g. a bed that comes with storage and drawer at the same time. It absolutely a save of place for a small house.


  1. Double your space with mirrors

Surround yourself with mirrors creates the illusion of more room. Tip: A mirrored backsplash in a small kitchen will also work visual wonders.


  1. Find a neutral colors

You can do a bold color in a small space, but a predominantly neutral palette generally makes the flow of a house feel less choppy.


  1. Ditch standing lamps, choose wall-mounted lights instead.



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