5 Tips for Maintaining Your Upholstery

Choose the Right Fabric

Give yourself an advantage when you buy right. Choose the right fabric for the right place and you make your upholstery maintenance task easier. Not only that, choosing fabric that is appropriate for your lifestyle and the upholstered piece can extend the furniture's life.


Protect Your Fabric

Don't let it give you a false sense of security. Always clean up any spills or stains in a timely manner, and follow instructions for proper care methods. Hikaron’s instructions are usually provided on the back of book samples.


Turn the Cushions

You can extend your upholstered furniture’s life by periodically turning over the loose cushions. Try to plump and turn cushions daily. This is very important to maintain the shape of the cushions. Some cushions lose their volume naturally over time. Daily plumping will help them last longer.



Vacuum your upholstered furniture weekly for general cleaning and to remove surface soil. This also prevents dirt from becoming embedded into the fibers.

You can also use a brush to gently whisk the dirt away. Make sure to always use a soft bristled brush so that you don't snag the fabric.


Avoid Sunlight and Pollutants

Too much sun can damage your upholstery fabric, causing it to fade and even fray. Try to position it so that it doesn’t sit in the sun for extended periods of time, especially for delicate fabrics.

Airborne pollutants such as fumes from cooking or smoke can also harm your fabric. It isn’t always easy to avoid that from happening, however, proper ventilation and odor control can help.



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